Curriculum Outline


Sky Blue Nursery follows the International Pre-School Curriculum  where all lessons evolve in the  following core  areas  :

  1. Language Arts

           the core content learning area covers areas of linguistic development, comprehension skills and language (including a second language). This nursery  has developed a phonetic  program that will lead students to read  using  phonetic sounds thus preparing them for the next level of school  (kindergarten) .

  1. Socio Emotional

         Social and emotional skills are crucial aspects of interpersonal development. It aims to  harness individual characteristic while reinforcing positive actions that can improve confidence, leadership, self reflection and  independence. Activities will  be embedded throughout the learning process that prompt learners to interact, think, self reflect to develop a well rounded child prepared for the future.

  1. Numeracy-

          Numeracy incorporates sequential introduction of numbers, concepts, shapes,  geometry, basic  mathematics and problem solving.

  1. Creative Arts

          Learning is fun through creative arts. Through fine arts (painting, coloring, molding), music and role playing, serious learning  could be achieved with fun. Creative arts is the greatest area for children to start develop their imagination.

  1. Motor Skills  -

          Motor skills are divided into two categories: fine and gross. Fine motor skills include cutting , finger painting and hand control. Gross motor skills range from balancing to team play. Based on play & fun,  we offer exciting strategies to attain this learning objective. 

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